by Phätomgel Falls



Preposterous Creations’ catalogue reference: SPOCK019. Available in pro-tape (limitation undisclosed). Buy a copy:


released November 11, 2013

Mastered at Abgrund Tonstudio, Berlin:
Layout by Dracosigil



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Preposterous Creations France

Obnoxious record label from the rancid side of France. Ludicrous art, ominous music, scrumptious wine.

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Track Name: Suisight
I’ve got the gift of the suisight
Upon a blind man’s eye – new vision clear
Transplanted from hangman empty-eyed
Whatever he saw – now I am a seer

Upon his cornea I saw impressed
Hieroglyphs of dark eternities
And images forever made to last
Now I can see what the dying man sees

Transplanted to me upon my sight
They obtrude, covering reality
More real than dream, still i am blind
The third eye open at last for me

Now I’m immersed in landscape new
That seen and felt only by few
A journey into the other side
I see as though I were – a suicide

I’m flying to the underworld
I see better – better indeed
I see spirits, my eyes distort
All other faces - they all bleed

Maimed and disfigured, already rotten
By trauma, disease or starvation
I see the graves, all long forgotten
All living – dead, no resurrection

In afterglow of death's blaze
Auroral shine of suisight
Transplanted deep into my face
Corneas of hangman, empty-eyed

To see this burden, I’d rather be blind
I’d rather remain in dark for evermore
What I see is worse than eternal night
All faces mutilated, bathed in gore

To know their death, and see it clear
Even when my eyes are closed
The after-image haunts me in fear
I had transplanted to me a ghost